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Houses In Torrevieja

Houses in Torrevieja. The Real Estate Chollos in the city

Searching for houses for sale in Torrevieja or rather flats, has become a tedious job. In Uscita we want to give you some advice so that you can find the best houses in the city and not pay an extra euro

Find the best bargains in Torrevieja in every area:

Houses and flats in the irrigation ditch


Houses in Torrevieja

Before starting we have to understand that Torrevieja suffered a "boom" in the construction sector, this translated into an increase in housing, but not in the occupation of the same. We're talking about the' 80s and' 90s.


The state of the houses in Torrevieja

Let's be clear that vacant houses tend to be kept in a worse state than those that have activity (tenants, landlords, inhabitants). In Torrevieja, most houses are empty, therefore, in most cases, are offered at a lower price than the current market, this type of housing we call them bargain houses


How to buy a house in Torrevieja?

In Torrevieja, as in any other place, there is a process of selling a home, in which you have to be clear about certain things, the location, needs, budget and the purpose of buying a house. We recommend you to visit our Guide to buy a house in Torrevieja


Now, taking into account all that we have already said, we leave you with the houses for sale that we have for you. Remember that you can contact us to receive a free advice on the purchase of a house in Torrevieja, we have at your service a professional team and dedicated exclusively to the real estate sector

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